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Monitor Archive for April 27, 2000

Here, students get paid to see Wayne Newton
Elian and the pander zone
US in Latin America: good deeds or intervention?
News In Brief
Dressed to kill
News In Brief
Interview: Rabbi Irving Greenberg
News In Brief
Scientists drafted in the service of Mars
'Dove' sailor Robin Lee Graham
L.A. tests merits of local control of schools
Reflections on the unthinkable
Elian is the true winner, not Cuba
The Final Word
Stay right here
Life After Prison
Vietnam revised: toppling myths about the war
Today's Story Line
Civil rights may prove pivotal for fall races
71 years of rule at risk in Mexico
Redefining our brother-sister story
News In Brief
Solomon Islands - ethnic conflict in close quarters
A tale of two successes
War's legacy and the human condition
Shaping Young Citizens
Iran's young 'rookie' lawmakers
How alley-oops and layups keep kids safe in Zimbabwe
How societies march to war
Behind Elian debate, a faded fear of communism
Vermont launches revolution by allowing same-sex unions
Preventing war means peace must walk a practical road
Sharpen your word skills