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Monitor Archive for April 24, 2000

Simian thieves steal state secrets, cheese
Battle over bank fees: padding, or real cost?
Older surfers seek more Web experience
Gotcha! Our 'Road & Track' moment
Hubble at 10: A universe of discoveries
News In Brief
High school sociology
News In Brief
In the aftermath of the Gulf War, Kuwait battles surge in drug use
News In Brief
The Final Word
My son finds his own way
With Elian case, history's view of Reno may shift
Web shopping that keeps dollars local
Off the Cuff
Peers as collective parent
Today's Story Line
Colorado targets huge gold mines
To hatch an idea, or buy into one?
Bureaucratic barriers to becoming a teacher
Big winner in Elian case: Cuba
A flock of spring poems
News In Brief
Barbara Walters meets Posh Spice online
Minding their Business
Rolling over a retirement account with a job change
A reply to a birth mother
'Local portal' uses, beyond commerce
Putin looks for a Chechnya exit
McCain's Straightened Talk
Tips for prospective franchisees
Jordan king charts his own course
Good corporate citizens
Clinton, the TV president, still likes getting his hands inky
What marauding market teaches
Rise of Islamists veils liberalism
The ten largest franchises
The 'real story' on failure rates?
Father's Love, Child's Rights
The value gap
Keeping Track: Who's in debt in the US
Words of Note
Market Monitor