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Monitor Archive for April 21, 2000

In Pakistan, a beardless man doesn't fit in
Dusting off the musicals
News In Brief
A game show gets religion
News In Brief
News In Brief
Cal Ripken finds 3,000 ways to succeed
Hot-seat question: to sit or sell?
One who shouldn't be, and three who should
Green issues alter campaign climate
The Monitor Movie Guide
Writing plays in the land of films
Huge special-effects feats feed stories in 'U-571' and 'T-REX'
We are not powerless
Beyond what's in the books
The Final Word.
Today's Story Line:
Cops narrow gap on Web criminals
Suspense under the sea in 'U-571'
Real gender gap in politics: men
Holding on, and letting go
News In Brief
Singapore loosens reins with Speakers Corner
'Center' dances to sprightly beat
What's On TV
The complex passions of Miami Cubans
Bach's 250th produces some wild and woolly CDs
Don't trash the planet
In Harare it's economy, not race
As asylum seekers surge, British beg to differ
The Restarting of START
Lively legend plans escape from acting
In Miami, free speech is selective
'Goodspeed's Folly' no more
Russia's goodwill pacts come with a bite
Gentle Anglo-Irish fable takes on love and politics
Sports 101
Two hidden ancient cultures revealed
The Executing of Executions
The turnoff of TV Turnoff Week