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Monitor Archive for April 18, 2000

Texas duel: drug tests versus student rights
Label modified food? Of course
Parent Power Over Drug Use
Drug Tests for All Kids?
Students don foreign-policy hats for a day
College Students: Interested in writing for us?
Extreme answers to prescription drug costs
News In Brief
What's New
News In Brief
Asia, Europe join US wild ride
Today's Story Line
Flag flap stretches beyond South Carolina
How Earth Day celebrations (and grocery-bag artists) got started
Turkey's plan for Mideast peace
High-schoolers invite community to 'read all about it'
Behind the tight race - economy vs. morality
News In Brief
Raising women's role in Kosovo
Weird Plants
Bracing for a hot summer of activism
Here's one 'cookie' many consumers don't want
Bronx teacher's love of opera reverberates
Global companies need global regulation
Helping people out
News In Brief
Web smarts
Having a say
Youths shine a spotlight on service, peace