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Monitor Archive for April 14, 2000

The tale behind cops' most famous words
Rising stars
News In Brief
A triple threat tries Broadway
News In Brief
News In Brief
Keeping humor afloat in sports - even Olympics
What exactly is the protest?
Of Paul Revere's ride and green peas
Boston's Big Dig digs a political hole
The Monitor Movie Guide
Russia's heart laid bare in Eifman Ballet
Lessons From an Osprey
We're all in this together
Early census snapshot: a boost for Republicans
Today's Story Line
'When did we become bad guys?' bankers ask
Even a magnetic Paul Newman can't save 'Money'
Dry Holes in World Aquifers
America's tax burden lightens
My links to a wilderness trail
News In Brief
For Korean neighbors, China suggests 'two systems'
Director who sought 'spiritual filmmaking'
North Korea quietly reaches out
A test of wills in Montenegro
Peru's fraud factor - and the politics of tallying votes
'Copperfield' speaks to the 'me' culture
Russia ratifies treaty as new arms race looms
Drought leaves flint-dry farms, a meager Mississippi
Broadway dramas explore truth, survival
Sports 101
If team names offend, must they change?
What's On TV
Not being hostage to teaching professionals
Confederate flag - so un-Southern