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Monitor Archive for April 13, 2000

Plain words carved by Stone
Getting to global sharing
Family time, with a cherry on top
A year later, 'Our Land' struggles
More Choice on the FM Dial
Remembrance of things past tests the heart
States' top cops split on adding more gun laws
Spreading janitor strike targets workers on the fringes
The Monitor Guide to The Bestsellers
Hair-bearers in terse verses for kids
Help Colombia, Help Addicts
The lion-hearted Charlotte Saikowski
Raking up the century's best poetic leaves
And whose home is this?
Willing to give up their DNA, but privacy too?
News In Brief
News In Brief
Water rate hikes provoked Bolivia protests
News In Brief
Evonne Goolagong
Women's vote: elusive prize in Election 2000
Nanotechnology's descent into matter's minuteness
Clinton's unending problems
Addicted to millionaire shows?
Why Andean states buck globalization
Today's Story Line
In House, driver's seat is in middle of road
Scanning April for good verse
The Final Word.
World economy gets up off mat
To raise our prospects,I get down and dirty
News In Brief
Under Western fire, Russians close ranks
This old dragon still breathes fire