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Monitor Archive for April 12, 2000

One woman's crusade against rape in S. Africa
Spokes woman
The unsung diplomat
Harry Potter spins the creativity wheel
Israel Puts US Troops at Risk
Money should be earned, learned, and respected
Repot that houseplant
Labor's new tactic in stumping for Gore
News In Brief
I assume an identity
News In Brief
Road to fiber future is paved with gridlock
Today's Story Line
Leash, collar, briefcase
A family-court date for Elian? Not likely.
Stand up and be counted
Today's protesters take on world
Koreans demand democracy, one protest at a time
Irony and Elian
Cookbook winners
'But mom, all the cool kids have one'
News In Brief
Andean drug battle bears fruit
Going sledding with the Serbs above Sarajevo
My adventure begins, in India
A gun-control plan that even the NRA can love
Turning beetles loose on loosestrife
Ethnic foods spice British fare
Top 12 US family vacation spots
US must help save elephants
Thoroughbred toddler wins diaper derby
On eagle's wings
News In Brief
Sol LeWitt's many variations
As they keep their faith, Dagestani pilgrims profit
Protect Tobacco's Money?
The open house: license to gawk
Life ticks on with or without a wristwatch