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Monitor Archive for March 9, 2000

For African women, rights come slowly
The Monitor Guide to The Bestsellers
Young Adults
News In Brief
With initiatives, California tilts conservative
News In Brief
Boldly going where few women have gone before
News In Brief
Words of Note
The sweetness of March delights us drop by drop
High-tech classes help foster kids succeed as adults
Don't toss your toothbrush just yet
A too early appraisal of Russia's first president
In courtship, self-help helps those who help themselves
Let's party
The too-unorthodox opponents
Today's Story Line
Elian's relatives take their case to US court
Education is the best form of gun control
Key states and issues in fall race
My father's love lifts me once again
News In Brief
Feast or famine in the literary world
Some Canadians seek their right to French schools
Readers still find magazines top choice for information
Keep your trunks to yourselves, thank you
No globalization without representation
Searching for classics in a '15 minutes of fame' world
Late snow
Small groups, but big trouble?
In Iran, search for beauty leads to the nose job
Harsh Justice in California
In America, even America seems possible
Clinton team hints at split with go-slow Fed
Be on the Web or be square, if you're a magazine
MIT students hit, run, field, and then tinker
Lone soldier defends Tolstoy in Chechnya
Reclaiming Kipling from the jungle book of history
Super's Novas
What's New
Dealing with the deli 'cut'
Readers still find magazines top choice for information
Carol Merrill of 'Let's Make a Deal'