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Monitor Archive for March 30, 2000

Japanese see a different kind of ballgame
'Horse Heaven' is no paradise for bipeds
Hold the bus: One more Hillary Clinton book
News In Brief
News In Brief
Play it again, bird
News In Brief
Words Of Note
I've walked the world without leaving home
How Buchanan could hurt Bush's bid
Inner child found driving on the road of luxury
Media reaction in times that try journalists' souls
Bush doesn't need McCain to win moderates
Cucumbers and melons, or freedom
The China trade and an American city
Today's Story Line
Rescuing America's ailing weaponsmakers
Health choices
Diamonds as Africa's Friend?
Gas prices change daily routines
My fine-feathered accompanist
News In Brief
The legacy of US, UN intervention in Haiti
The 'Galapagos Islands' of religion
Whats New
Something's just not right
The difficulty of beating swords into plowshares
How the 'cyber' story is shifting
Zimbabwe backs black squatters
Temporary workers leave lasting imprint on Gulf
For All Paternity
When war veterans are children
Multilayered map to battle flash floods in Tijuana
DNA sleuths discount a human-Neanderthal link
Hydrogen from microscopic algae fuels cars
Hard Hat in one hand, Palm Pilot in the Other
Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
SUV Guzzlers and OPEC
The mixed outlook for Latin America
Are we drowning in flood insurance?
Author Jean Auel