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Monitor Archive for March 24, 2000

Rate hike slows pace of hammers
All hail oscar!
News In Brief
'The arts simply saved my life'
News In Brief
News In Brief
Favorites marched in as lions, go out like lambs
The law vs. the heart
We go rail-up aboard the other 'Battleship Maine'
Checklist on who's got best leadership skills
The Monitor Movie Guide
Congress should not have its own chaplain
Running to the light
US cities face past racial strife
Today's Story Line
Colombia's hope: less coca, more carnations
Why US bombs failed to topple Milosevic
A young filmmaker tries to match a thin wallet with big ambitions
A Prized Perspective
An age of apologies
Our goose days were not so ducky
News In Brief
EU's 'Dotcom' summit plays catch-up with US
It's no Hollywood dream: Digital movies are here
US apology paves way for Iranian pistachios, carpets
And the Oscar should go to ...
Taiwan: Who will upset the balance?
Words of Note
Seeing an India beyond elephants
NRA has our gun laws all wrong, say Australians
Young Eyes on Wily Ads
'Mystery!' satisfies; a Hepburn homage
Snow Poll
A journalist's tales from backstage at the Oscars
Illegal drug use tapers off in US, but supplies are plentiful
Upsets add spice to tournament
For rock-numbed ears, 'Tosca' rejuvenates
What's On TV
A Day of Making Up
When hoop dreams were uncomplicated
What the films tell us about ourselves