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Monitor Archive for March 14, 2000

News In Brief
A Brutal Exit
Near their base, soldiers target the referendum victors
Peeking Parents
Back to the political future with Roscoe
'Huckleberry Finn' not appropriate?
Marjorie gets her story
Diverse school offers a wider path of ideas
Music Piracy on the Internet
Web Smarts
On-the-ground look at fight for the House
A teacher sets a good example by passing notes
News In Brief
News In Brief
A quarter century later
Today's Story Line
An Internet rebellion in college dorms
Tune in - live! - to the Battle of Gettysburg
Going up? This elevator ride brought to you by...
Barriers to progress for Africa's girls
Gore's turn to plead 'mea culpa'
For its disillusioned people, Vietnam tinkers with image
Bridging Ethiopia's educational gender gap
Don't all workers want a life?
Pattern of violence
News In Brief
S. Africa examines media bias
For the Animals
Pope seeks to bridge divides with apology for the past
Letting mom and dad tap in, with limits
Legendary quarterback bows out short of his goal
What's New
Remorse That Ends Sin
Out of the fast lane