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Monitor Archive for February 8, 2000

There's more diversity but less ... diversity
More No. 2 pencils at alternative schools
TV's gladiators of greed
Letting people control their Social Security funds
The rise of 'alternative' schools
Don't let adults give your essay a makeover
What State Tests Should Test
Web smarts
A van, a message, a mission: This 'Average Joe' wants to be president
Personal essays, from pathetic to poetic
News In Brief
Envelopes through the ages
News In Brief
Child-labor twist: Town favors kids working
Today's Story Line:
What's new
Gun-ad ban hints at new media standards
Elian saga pushes US, Cuba apart
Canadians shun US efforts to control border
Out of prison, a scholar turns to activism
Defining ourselves through the Census lens
Whose 'science' ?
News In Brief
Mexicans call for reconciliation
A home for orphaned pachyderms
The art of the envelope
A dramatic test for Britain's 'hijack airport'
Delaware: first in nation, a definite primary runner-up
Sojourner Truth: abolitionist and predecessor to Rosa Parks
Taxing Two-Income Couples
A Black History Month quiz
Help wanted
News In Brief
Writing the essay