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Monitor Archive for February 18, 2000

Summit of an Aborigine battle for respect
Rockin' the music biz
News In Brief
Judd Hirsch on acting as listening
News In Brief
News In Brief
Can big-time athletics and college education coexist?
On the verge, a boost from Virgil
In Boston, a 'Big Dig' into taxpayer pockets
The Monitor Movie Guide
Artist forms meaning in poured glass
The Crossword
Creative like you?
McCain's style: no get-along type guy
Today's Story Line
Solution to this week's puzzle:
Congress may lift penalty on older workers
Three foreign-movie releases will charm US audiences
US can woo India while not wooing Pakistan
South Carolina: Whose Waterloo?
Chaucer's pilgrims still follow me
News In Brief
A reformist in conservative clothing?
New comedies don't hold 'Up'
Reintroducing America to a folk pioneer
Grace notes
The eye of Kosovo's ethnic storm
Zimbabwe voters 'break elephant's back' at the polls
Why Presidents' Day?
One precinct stirs a criminal-justice crisis
What's On TV
America's military - not so conservative after all
Veteran acts rock on at this year's Grammys
Sports 101
It's a wonder-ful life for young star
Freedoms in Africa
Everyone's running against Clinton
CSM Information
Refreshing 'Wishing Tree'; 'Mystery!' celebrates 20th