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Monitor Archive for November 9, 2000

The reluctant leader of the Confederate forces
Welcome to the twilight zone
Mission intrepid: the world's civilian peacekeepers
News In Brief
Readers write
News In Brief
'Do no harm,' scientists are told
New York's New 'Star'
News In Brief
Power on the Hill will pivot on the moderates
Words of Note
There's still room to spare for my son's fashion feats
Cricket, a gentlemen's game? That's balderdash.
A weed by any other name would spread as fast
Editor's note
Rising above victory
Democracy's Strangest Night
How far can military go in punishing obese soldiers?
World reacts to US cliffhanger
King Lear adapts
An America divided
This bicycle is just my speed
News In Brief
THE SCOOP on global warming
'New broom' should sweep out old Mideast policy
Women grab more governorships and US Senate seats
Tale of a monkey's uncle, deceased
Job titles from the Middle Ages
Backlash grows to silicon sprawl in high-tech's citadel
Networks' crystal ball cracks on election night
A family quartet out of tune with itself
Today's Story Line:
Hold the beef: Viewers want junk-food news
Divided We Stand
Questions cloud Carnahan's unprecedented victory
A firestorm in anthropology
A time to mourn, and a time to dance in Alice Walker's short stories
Initiatives send big-money backers scrambling