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Monitor Archive for November 7, 2000

Pressuring professors to put in more face time
Education debate: moving beyond politics
Voting can make you feel included
Small bookstores write themselves a happier ending
A black school welcomes its first black principal
News In Brief
Supply and demand:in balance
News In Brief
In EPA case, court weighs power of agencies
Today's Story Line
Students with drug convictions lose aid
For voters, high court is a priority
Same Address, but Smaller Office
S. Korea's enthusiasm fizzles for cozying up to North
Trust flourishes when students enforce their own honor code
Mystery Men
Underage voting
News In Brief
Brazil reexamines birth options
South Africa: to tap votes, politicians promise water
Rocks of ages
'Lost Boys' of Sudan find new life in America
Party time for weary candidates
Bringing 'fuzzy math' into focus
College students seek solutions to terrorism
Better Courtship of Voters
The sky is falling - a little
News In Brief
Far from the apathetic crowd