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Monitor Archive for November 24, 2000

Equality is in the stars for South Africans
Southeast Asian nations dance to different tunes
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A sport can shine only when its stars come out
As goes Maine, so should go the Union
Louisiana links blacks to their French roots
The Bard, up close and personal
Making compassion practical
Neither side wants to concede defeat.
Today's Story Line
White House agenda: Preside over decline?
Readers write
Positions harden on vote count
Our cup, and cow, runneth over
News In Brief
Pickings are slim as Canadians go to polls
Where expats prowl for Stove Top, Jell-O
What's on TV
Struggle worth envying
US bubbly over carbon trade
A spoof that's all Day, every day
Chads for the Ages
Must-have video games this season
'Tis the season to spend, but maybe a little less
'Founders' grips; 'Sophia' preaches love
Japan's 'will they or won't they' parliament
Sports 101
Albums reveal Sun Ra's jazz genius
Fresh Views From Freshmen
Women's pro football ... oof!
Pakistan decries US sanctions