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Monitor Archive for November 17, 2000

Brass-knuckle politics: A sign of the times?
Who will steal the holiday box office?
News In Brief
Holiday forecast: deep in celluloid
News In Brief
News In Brief
A snow day can be a fine day for underdogs
One yokel, one vote
A long way around a short piece of land
Movie guide
Star finds work in Africa a balance for 'Just Shoot Me'
To a friend in love
Good morning, Vietnam
Today's Story Line
Behind-the-scenes battle for gavel on Hill
Waiting for the Vote Count
Dueling briefs on vote tabulation
Dogdom's shaggy, unsung stars
News In Brief
Dams generate a reservoir of controversy
Networks stuff lineups with family fare for Thanksgiving
Designing mom-size jobs
A forest of global contention
Labels, please, for genetically altered food
'Year One': a tour de force of beauty
The veterans who went back
Will drunk-driving law and drive-through daiquiris mix?
Message buried in colorful, dazzling 'Grinch'
MIA relatives come in search of 'healing'
Sports 101
Archives unveil new Bernstein gems
Vietnam as a US Friend?
GOP electors for Gore?
How 'Grinch' leaped off the pages and onto the screen