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Monitor Archive for November 16, 2000

Heavy as a leaf
Tough tests of judicial fairness
A nutty name ruffles some feathers
News In Brief
Guatemalans take Texas oil company to court
Baptists on the brink
Balloting by Internet might beat poking a hole in paper
A bumper crop of books
Austria ponders tragedy's lesson
Cambodian roads may end isolation - and tradition
Mideast clashes shift into test of endurance
Words of thanksgiving
How to count alien worlds
Amiel Yako's journey from Iraq to the Italian coast
Can't program the VCR? Laugh
Speed skater Eric Heiden
Africa's great storyteller, Chinua Achebe, on language
'Call me' isn't so simple in border towns
Trade talk is not all discord
Deer hunters as ecologists
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Words of Note
The adventures of the vertically advantaged
New Yosemite has an old-fashioned feel
Toward More Livable Land
'Go see Mike'
In bookstore's stacks, a clash over free speech
Today's Story Line:
A mundane task of critical importance