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Monitor Archive for October 20, 2000

A man who rules by referendum
Hollywood on the Hudson
News In Brief
100 cheers for Symphony Hall
News In Brief
News In Brief
In an aerie above the action, writers peck and jaw
All politics is ... global?
Talk the talk,wherever you are
Behind the biotech push: world hunger
Movie Guide
Found: a Michelangelo pasted in a scrapbook
A lesson plan
Emotions hardening across Arab world
Today's Story Line
Oil prices have US scrounging for supplies
Avant-garde films dazzle as visual equivalent of poetry
More firms find tax loopholes
I lay claim to an island of calm
News In Brief
Nova Scotians make room to get equity on board
Brutal life inside 'Animal Factory'
A welcome quiet on foreign policy
HBO exposes hate groups in cyberspace
Israeli settlers prepare for worst
Kashmir-made shawls: a woolly conservation issue
Courage, not polls, should guide candidates
'Bocelli boppers' stand by their man
Dinosaurs, dodos ... crop-dusters?
Hunting bill splits West over value of a longtime rite
On Stage In America
Sports 101
L.A. theater: Big and bold is the name of the game
The Three R's - and Character
At last, a real issue
From 'Sopranos' to the stage