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Monitor Archive for October 19, 2000

Big Apple splits! Baseball found at city's core
National Book Award Nominees
News In Brief
News In Brief
Extreme skiing from the top of the world
News In Brief
So why don't you vote?
Actor Robert Blake
Hispanic voters watch immigration battle
US religious monitoring upsets Indians
Mothers of nature howling at the moon
Apologies for past wrongs help make a right
The Cole and the ark of safety
It's the fighter vs. the conciliator
Today's Story Line
Back to basics in fight against terrorism
Joy in Mudville
President takes up best role: consoler
A whatever-it-was, outside the tent
News In Brief
Campaign against torture
Azerbaijan's forgotten remnants of war
Timber! (tenderly)
Test your civic imagination
'Baseball's greatest living player' was also human
Doorway to the imagination
S. Africa to EU: Hands off our fish
Clicking on Morality
Holy Land: where three worlds collide
Spores provide intimations of immortality
Black holes get an identity check
From ostrich to false teeth: Chile's new exports
From ancient Eden to the hippie era - searching for utopia
Now, The Vision Thing
The joy of voting