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Monitor Archive for October 17, 2000

San Francisco: Now, more like everyplace else
For one student, college fulfills a father's dream
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
The explorer in the fur coat
More women's places are in the House, Senate
Web Smarts
...and Bill Gates funds scholarship
To a young friend at night
Adoption vs. trafficking inGuatemala
Today's Story Line
New Economy stocks: Have they hit bottom?
Holding on to great expectations
Curbing campaign spending won't help
Arab world pulls Arafat two ways
A taste for ADVENTURE
News In Brief
Grading AP tests is a rigorous - and collegial - experience
Swaziland's stock exchange waits for bulls - or bears
A search for diversity
What's New
It's time to loosen Mugabe's grip
PRI calmly downsizes after defeat
Britain's television chefs sling mud along with recipes
A Nobel for the Right Kim
In this AP program, it pays to study
The last debate is now critical in drum-tight Bush-Gore race
Hunt for affordable degree leads to a state college treasure
Voters prefer Bush over Gore to handle the Mideast crisis
Lights, camera ... it's time for class
Students protest university fees...
Pre-AP classes pave the way to success
Political Fairness on TV
Taking political stock
Helping busy teens pause to enjoy some good books