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Monitor Archive for January 28, 2000

How we got a Super Bowl of no-names
Making a case for the new 'classics'
News In Brief
The president as popcorn muncher
News In Brief
News In Brief
Playing in the big game means risking scorn
Software that'll clean your shower?
How Aunt Lydia kept things together
Is there room on submarines for women?
The Monitor Movie Guide
The unpretentious heroines of 'Waiting'
Why Arabs can't easily befriend Israelis
Look again
Tuesday's primary prize: the changeables
Today's Story Line
How historians size up Clinton: 'Not too bad'
Tiny Asian country's first film a big entertainer
A Super Bowl to Savor?
Rise and ... rise of America Inc.
Seeking an unseen world of words
News In Brief
Putin who? Russia's presidential enigma
Penetrating 'Belfast, Maine' gets inside a small town
Take my primary - please!
Connick combines charm, humor, and great music
Art is everywhere you can find it
China's airbrush aimed at history
Quiet vignettes in Indonesia
Primary Off-Colors
Meet the 'Jackie Robinson of film'
'Monumental' divide on Holocaust in Germany
A taster's choice
Media may find themselves on trial in high-profile case
Ten trends of the past 100 years
Sports 101
Twyla Tharp steps into 2nd movement of her career
What's On TV
Parenting Moral Kids
When conspiracy for good is bad
Supporter No. 1