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Monitor Archive for January 26, 2000

Croats say 'no' to nationalism
Why there's a dog on our sofa
Minorities closing gap in high-tech revolution
Cash-flow lesson for youngsters
Up to your gills in canned tuna? Try fresh.
Contented cattle
The Anti-Spin Spin on Iowa
Words of Note
Citizens Ed 101
On the question of self-government
News In Brief
Monitor Quiz
Coup is over, but Ecuador's Indians aren't going away
Table talk
A terrarium puts a rain forest in the palm of your hand
McXperiment: serving billions in the slums?
Housekeeping: dignity not drudgery
America's art of rude rejection
Milk shakes
World's vanishing primates
Where to clean first
Why Money Is Not Speech
Salt vs. shrubs
Where wolves should be allowed to roam
Whatever happened to 'small is beautiful'?
News In Brief
A ride of passage in a flatbed Ford
News In Brief
Airport scanner sees all, raises privacy concerns
Today's Story Line
New tricks for a 'robopet' dog
Surprise! Politics tops agenda in Congress
What candidates must do next
A second hostage incident forces Thailand's hand
Kid-friendly desks and equipment
Don't touch that empty bird's nest; get out the baking soda for old
Diversity: virtue or vice?
Tuna tips and tidbits
It's your new desk
News In Brief