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Monitor Archive for January 25, 2000

Court affirms campaign-finance limits
Democracy puts its thumb print on higher ed
Cooking-school basics
Bush donors wear big hat, give big money
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A vacation among pots & pans
Immigrants take ever-more perilous routes to America
Making tracks Down Under
The day I got lost
Safety rules for genes and food
Africa tops UN agenda this month
For Chinese consumers, a superhero
Clinton's wage gap plan may boost Gore
Continuing need for affordable housing
America's HMOs facing a crisis
Sky Writer
News In Brief
An ugly duckling steals Colombians' hearts
Canberra: home of the 10-minute taxi ride
Today's Story Line
Yearn to learn - or earn?
Mythical missile-shield benefits
This is not your father's university
Mideast arrows, no valentines
Governance Amid Stumping
In city of arts, schools start to get their share
Capitol gang
Higher Institution of Learning
A golden glimpse of Colombia's past
What joy of learning?
Inhaling China
History's horse race: presidential greatness
Seeing Laos like a native . . .from its rivers