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Monitor Archive for January 21, 2000

Sleeper hit
News In Brief
Broadway on TV; Harry Potter flick
News In Brief
News In Brief
Being thrashed is no excuse for whining
The courage of a simple 'no'
All hail the haggis!
Smoothing the bumps to the White House
The Monitor Movie Guide
Aboriginal network tests idea of niche TV
Helpless on the job?
Can a graying Europe still support itself?
Hizbullah a key player in Syrian-Israeli talks
Orrin Hatch: no contender, but lively emcee
New chips promise ever-smaller e-gadgets
You won't lose the blues in Chicago with this CD set
Assisted living requires smart shopping
Finally, in Iowa, it's time to vote
And they call it ... puppy love
News In Brief
US support strong, despite Kosovo killing
Hitchcock's genius on view in 'Window'
Today's Story Line
What's On TV
The irony of Chile's full circle
Hizbullah's stance: ambiguity
Opening Bell in Iowa
Western swing is the thing for these country big wheels
India's red phone: crossed wires
Filmmaker asks, 'Why do people get upset?'
Rams rule gridiron, but fans haven't learned to swagger
Varied roles put actress on the 'Map'
In the America of 2100, less elbow room
Sports 101
Ending the Global Sex Trade
The Kohl case and greatness
Arguing the value of works that shock