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Monitor Archive for January 19, 2000

India's political hothouse changes colors
On race, Rocker's hardly alone
Things that go bump in the night
After Elian
Low-risk warfare harms military's image
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Mom's enormous bag of tricks - and mine
Minorities hope TV deals don't just lead to 'tokenism'
Families: the ties that bind
Pinochet and Ocalan, Redux
Priorities for life
Closing terrorist loopholes
Iowa: so politicked, so misunderstood
Court says 'Oui' to French schools
Abortion access versus free speech
Politics of the Commandments
The beat goes on - at the dinner table
News In Brief
Chatham Islanders seek more independence, profits
Today's Story Line:
Two sunrises, one thousand years ago
Military as Campaign fodder
In Tyson fight, business wins
From hammer-hurling to monster truck rallies
War-crimes prosecutor raises heat
In regulating Internet, hands-off approach wins, so far
Home & Family Milestones
Lobster stew, exposed
Here's looking at you, sire
Words to warm you up