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Monitor Archive for January 18, 2000

Uncle Sam's math books
Cable modem vs. DSL phone line
Questions on Arkan's demise
Europe's tug of war between national, supranational
Justice for Nathaniel?
Static over stealth TV messages
Clinton to put a priority on enforcing US gun laws
Seeing past the sticker price
What's New
The civil rights era: a brief timeline
Keeping costs under control
TV Viewers, Beware
An uneasiness with Al Gore?
Hide-and-seek with Russia's news minders
Flexible work setups edge into mainstream
All eyes on Reform
News In Brief
WYSIWYG in the schools?
News In Brief
News In Brief
Web Smarts
How trees 'see' into the past
Physics in ninth grade? It's a hit.
More consumers call the cable guy for Internet speed
Letting the Web pay your bills
Two sides to grandparents' visitation 'rights'
Lighten the load
Cautious, except when he is brash
Today's Story Line:
Remembering the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.: a short biography
'Star wars' shield threatens treaties
Tripping Over a Flag
Elian's peers treated differently
Unlocking secrets of the Ice
News In Brief
South Africa confronts mine risks
One way to improve education: Ban multiple-choice tests
A drink from the funding fount