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Monitor Archive for January 13, 2000

Jakarta downplays talk of holy war
The ultimate misadventure
A mystery novel looking at itself in the mirror
News In Brief
News In Brief
What's New
News In Brief
Rising waters, sinking city
'Whatever happened to...?' Straw-bale houses
Recruits get 'values' with their boots
You'll want to voice chat with this software
A plane, a bird - superwoman!
The caverns of Jesse James's mind
City folk and saving Western lands
Reaching for better government
The plot thickens in Chechnya
Today's Story Line
New energy, and more unity, for Cubans in US
Mergers may shrink limits of cyberspace
Kill the show, kill ...
CBS's Democratic Justice
A radical step for school safety
Star power sparks an inn-filtration
News In Brief
For the armchair quarterback who has everything
Israeli community says it will not leave Golan
Game shows go ape
A better way to select our presidential nominees
Scanning the free verse of international terrorism
A Russian (women's) revolution
Twins test limits of British law
Fujimori's charm could capture Peruvians a third time
New Ways to Honor MLK
Ms. Grimes, in the parlor, with a pen
Life boats?
Scientists tap DNA to try to build 'perfect computer'
Religious leaders as a force for peace
A milestone at the 87th Precinct
No mystery to their comic appeal
Bundles of Mergers
In divorce, men suffer too
Compelling evidence of undue influence