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Monitor Archive for January 11, 2000

Why S. Africa's schools don't make the grade
Inclusion or exclusion? It all depends.
Campaign 2000: time to tune in
US cannot wait for piecemeal reforms by states
The culture wars aren't over yet
Languages: What's hot, what's not
Toward Fumeless Highways
Web Smarts
News In Brief
How a book is published
News In Brief
Gulf grows over Western land use
Today's Story Line:
Where do modern languages come from?
First fleet of 'green' cars about to hit the road
Merger a landmark of Cyber Age
Making things 'click' for old enemies Israel, Syria
Able to fix old books in a single bound
The presidential race and religion
Englisch verboten!
News In Brief
Turning moral mirror on the PRI
As Air Canada merger takes off, prices could soar
The fairy tales of now
Rights of women v. states hits high court
Rudy's air time a hot issue in New York
Dictionary publisher offers era's most influential word
What's New
Prisoner of War Chests
Why punishment?
News In Brief
Writing tips: ask questions, don't give up
Coming up for air
When high school isn't working