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Monitor Archive for September 27, 1999

Detroit inches toward revival, again
Off the cuff
Codifying respect for animals
Internet sitings
Why buy software if it's free online?
Urban youths get a chance at private school
Editors Needed
Who's saving the most
What happens when a partner stumbles?
News In Brief
The sun's last embrace of the season
News In Brief
Aftermath of Floyd: a flood of heroism
Today's Story Line
Indonesia: the divide deepens
Market Monitor
Foreign policy debate begins
Why the police are hard to police
After quake, town moves to a parking lot
'Take the long way, I'm downloading a file'
McCain: great character but what can he do
Giving kids a lift
News In Brief
Civil war in black and white
Keep an eye out for the Monitor's poetry contest
As summer willows away
Sibling survivors
A widening rich-poor gap gets wider political play
In Washington, the majority may not always rule
Fly cheap as an air courier
Watchdogging the LAPD
Words of note
Tracking Social Security contributions
Environmental activism
News In Brief
Taking an interest in youths
Pinning their hopes on an Asian acceleration