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Monitor Archive for September 22, 1999

Today's Story Line:
Boys vs. girls: name-calling's nasty turn
The summer the veggies took over the garden
In new South Africa, 'liberal' is a dirty word
Effective limits
Deterring war crimes
High-seas launch worries islanders
Praising marriage in the classroom
You're Y2-OK, I'm Y2-OK
Fringe benefits: A home-based dad celebrates closeness with daughter
High-risk tactic of campaign-finance reformers
Homeless survival mode
News In Brief
Generosity tries to take root
News In Brief
Learning lessons from quake tragedy
Dear Diary Day
Clinton, Hill spar over 'who lost Russia'
Why scandal consumes capital
Reconciliation may be tough in Timor
'A weakness for the hardest cases'
Perspective on a world beyond the American dream
Gimme Shelter
News In Brief
Flowers murmur, but leaves speak to me
Europe takes on tobacco
Blender Pesto
Floridians worry that fish traps may work too well
'Mom, can I have this?'
The Big Board on The Board
Words Of Note
Laundry 101
Don't be indifferent to indifference
News In Brief
Why women pay more for a haircut
Pesto with pasta is just a beginning