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Monitor Archive for August 31, 1999

New home, new school
A guide to religious guest houses
Drawn to Maine by Thoreau - and kayaking
Who will help me?
Birth of a nation?
Today's Story Line
Brazil pounces on animal traffickers
Lawsuit may test Bush's free-speech views
Political doors open for Turks
Taming the Monster Trucks
News In Brief
Unorthodox temple unsettles Thai Buddhist harmony
The drought warning
Where do they get those huge tires?
The sticking point in peace talks
A Quake's Better Aftershocks
Students discover the splendor of Italy (...and its pigeons)
Dad, what's that about me using drugs?
Refugees learn English - 'Star Trek' style
In Europe: Forget the hostel, try a monastery
Pit Stop for Trucking Rules
How the press sicced itself on Bush drug use
Making a circus out of day camp
Natural gas costs also rise
Tips for student tours
A pitcher defies baseball's gender borders
News In Brief
News In Brief
Open doors for immigrants
A lonely blue Spix macaw plies Brazil's backwoods
News In Brief
Milestones, great and small
After summer tragedies, calls for oversight