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Monitor Archive for August 3, 1999

This flower, by any other name, would still stink
Tailoring the reading to the child
GOP - get a grip
Keeping 'em clean, fed, and happy
Kids choose the books
Web Smarts
Hyperlinked to the future of journalism
Hitting the books after years of work
News In Brief
Another good use for jelly beans
News In Brief
China vs. mass spiritual thirst
Congo's war: its players and their roles
This summer school teaches kids how to 'mind their business'
Modern alchemy makes materials 'smart'
School equity fight gets 'smarter'
Study at a women's college? These guys say, 'Sure.'
John McCain and Bobby Kennedy
Today's Story Line
On campus, join carefully
News In Brief
Congo lives with uneasy cease-fire
Where elephants are everyday animals
A road map to Mideast peace deal
What's New
Environmental Caution
Butterflies for lunch
News In Brief
Pachyderms talk in ways we can't hear
On campus, so many choices