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Monitor Archive for August 26, 1999

Small-town charm meets big-city buzz
The Monitor Guide to The Bestsellers
Little light bulbs of faith
Young Readers
News In Brief
Of mice and moose
News In Brief
News In Brief
Think potholes, then think plastics
'The Greatest American Hero'
Sounds of school: bells, songs, and King's English
Welfare to work not easy in Deep South
A little jungle adventure
Determined quiet after a desperate past
Continuing employment
Love, music, and revolution in Paris
What about disasters TV crews miss?
Today's Story Line:
What's New
A license to freedom gets some restrictions
China spy case: real or imagined?
A most charming family history
News In Brief
Neighbors have their own designs on Afghanistan
Moose numbers on rise in Maine
Buried gold, time travel, and cannons
Give women a role in Kosovo
Choose the right word
Canada's cops rethink gun control
Did You Hear The One...
As American as apple pie, or Disneyland
Albanians say 'no' to Russians
Sunspots may play role in global warming
In quest for workers, firms search ranks of US military
Nice place to visit . . . but would you want to live there?
N. Korea pursues - and resists - some capitalist ways
Book sales up 4 percent
Walk - do not run - to read this book
The Hammerlock on Iraq
A good deal for Cuba and the US
High-stakes instant-message battle
Words of Note