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Monitor Archive for August 24, 1999

Y2K bug? 'No problema' with typewriters
Adults have a blast with toys that take off
Capturing a colorful game on canvas
News In Brief
News In Brief
Flower power
News In Brief
It's the year of the QB
How weird stuff gets into your lunch
Crucial presidential ingredient: optimism
Web Smarts
Will you have any friends?
When the past is impolitic
In Colombia, prisoner swap is sticky point
Roadblock to peace?
Hurricane-rusty Texans spared
A taste of teaching
Teens, and plain talk about sex
New fight begins over set-asides
You put WHAT in my food?
News In Brief
Rigoberta Menchu: From peace prize to controversy
Tough new war crimes prosecutor
Safe schools, at a price
What's New
Today's Story Line
Freedman's Law: Start with a good idea
In praise of carpetbagging
Dagestan smolders, but less fire
Lessons From Turkey's Quake
Pillbugs and millipedes beckon teachers
Political storm brews over Taiwan
More to see for early students
In a pursuit, should cops let Bonnie and Clyde go?
Book-writing boot camp gets authors in shape
Grab a pen, it's time to write
A Tax to Make Campuses Safer
Alexander: the most valiant loser
McGwire's No. 50 makes history
Year-round college? Sign me up.
You could eat the forks, too