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Monitor Archive for August 19, 1999

The history of things that go bump in the night
Heaven and hell
Genuine urban renewal, at last
Today's Story Line
Doctors, lawyers clash over death-row case
Bogged down
Pokmon and Games We Play
Tragic alarm on earthquake codes
Finding common ground with song
News In Brief
What's New
The tangle of egos behind central Africa's wars
Progress or Peril?
NY blackouts: a forgotten solution is nuclear power
Getting soaked by the numbers
India's nuclear muscle flexing
In the Balkans, a hidden paradise
Europe and Its Roma (Gypsies)
A tall order to protect all Kosovars
Defining Islamic values in America
Old-line industries in merger craze
Small wave of Latinos feel draw of Islam
Two Serbian sisters hole up in Pristina
Master of her ship and her destiny
Looking Beyond Gene Maps
An understanding heart
Are droughts good for wetlands?
Bruce Jenner
Kids create art with a message: Don't smoke
Deadly silences in the game of love
The worst weather ever
News In Brief
News In Brief
E.T. gets a conference call
News In Brief
From coast to coast, an engineering marvel
The fashion plate on my front yard
Pot advocates push legalization
Car sharing in the West - really