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Monitor Archive for August 16, 1999

Getting the Internet edge
Cell phones: Information, please
. . . and knowing the technology
Behind the Congo war: diamonds
Make a buck, change the world? Yes.
Execution vs. treating ills
Market Monitor
A US missile defense system is affordable
Tensions Over Pensions
Keeping track . . .
In Iowa, many can claim a small victory
News In Brief
My debut leaves quite a mark
News In Brief
Fun in Iowa, other than politics
Japan's shift to right reminds many of war
Evolution gets dismissed from some classes
More companies watch workers' Web use
Parents patrol schools to improve safety
Before you start your Internet job search...
Beyond Beltway, little tax-cut stir
Where to get the scoop on new mutual funds
'Web-only' banks generate more interest
Danger in aid work
Today's Story Line
Why more job hunters are Stalking the Web
News In Brief
Peace prospects incite Lebanon
The worlds outside my windows
Easing get-tough approach on juveniles
Picking the right phone ...
Clinton's latest legal hurdle: a library site for his legacy
Corporate pension-tweaking sparks storm
Internet sitings
Reno's 'Reentry Courts'
Words Of Note
Drive a bargain
Safe from crime
News In Brief
Hope, one wall at a time