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Monitor Archive for August 13, 1999

A hundred years of Hitch
Russians seek scapegoats in hard times
News In Brief
'Scream TV' and Obi-Wan speaks
News In Brief
News In Brief
It's a simple code: do the right thing
Escalade: ballet or SUV with dignity?
Maine's best Bastille Day yet
Move over, Chuck Norris: softer side of Texas Rangers
The Monitor Movie Guide
Asians try to break stereotypes
The Crossword
Cultivating deeper relationships
The hardening face of anti-Semitism
Today's Story Line
Solution to this week's puzzle:
Keeping teachers: Let them bring their kids
For some GOP rivals, a last straw
Manual boating bliss
News In Brief
Israel faces sanctions if CD piracy continues
Gwyneth Paltrow lights up a summer stage
Push for stiffer laws to curb hate crimes
A reader's guide to Hitchcock
Yeltsin's desperate game
Music festival scrutinized after Woodstock '99
Stinking beauty
A way around Pinochet's legacy
Where discs cost $3.50 and scofflaws have an edge
How I Spent My E-Summer
WNBA star aims to shed light on women athletes
Southern hospitality, 24 hours a day
'Bowfinger' isn't really bad (and that's the problem)
Sports 101
Ethnic dance ensembles kick up a storm
What's On TV
Riding Russia's Centrifuge
Recalling the other Nixon