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Monitor Archive for July 9, 1999

Foreever Opie . . .
News In Brief
Ozawa begins dancing to Vienna
News In Brief
News In Brief
Women's soccer is (nothing) great!
Is universal health care still in the works?
What comes down must go up
Maritime relic making new waves
The Monitor Movie Guide
A thinking man's lyricist
Brothers and 'Beau Geste'
What I did when my boss replaced me
15-hour play to open in Denver in 2000
Can private sector rescue America's slums?
Today's Story Line
Dear Sporting Scene
Roadside weeds and wildflowers
Throngs 'listen' with the first lady
Did director hide social commentary in his '50s soaps?
Deep new rut in Tobacco's road
The skies that bind
News In Brief
Where Kosovo's ethnic lines are drawn most starkly
Terrorism meets suburbia
Cracks in the party line
Low-tech, high-profit
'Made in Japan'- security threat?
Israel Musters for Peace
Better camera lens comes into focus for Hollywood dreamer
South Africa: wrestling with forgiveness
On tape or the tube, classics keep rollin', rollin'
Growing grass-roots groups help locals weed out hate
What's On TV
A satellite-dish revolution in Middle East
Sports 101
Looking back to find revelations
The Crossword
Rolling Blunder in Kosovo
Some hard, candy-coated truths about American culture