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Monitor Archive for July 29, 1999

In the capital of capital punishment
Awakened by my wife turning in her sleep
NAACP's war on television
In Midwest, they fight heat with fans and 'mobile cooling centers'
The Magic of Harry Potter
Keep Russia's Feet to the Fire
Helping minorities bridge 'digital divide'
Still down on the farm, and then some
News In Brief
A weaver of silk, a weaver of words
News In Brief
It's your move, chairman
Today's Story Line
Bridging the digital divide
Coping with crime in shadow of Half Dome
Logged on all the time has its dangers
Little-mentioned tax-cut targets
East vs. West: feng shui face-off in Toronto suburb
Robot soccer pits machines against machines
Which fork in road will Venezuela take?
I beg your pardon, please make my day
The Politics of Preservation
News In Brief
Free press vies for ratings share
Russia's summer of sizzle
The art of rural mail
How to handle Asia's troublemaker
The drama of woodland pools
Threat of asteroid collision may be just a movie, after all
A tale of two cousins in the desert
Safety Nets for the Net
Dr. Demento
So, what's to rejoice about?
News In Brief
Hang on to your hat
All Net, all the time
A bridge over the canyon of distrust