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Monitor Archive for July 28, 1999

Life in India ebbs and flows with monsoon
Take a bite out of crime
St. Basil's Cathedral
Children of activists
Steak what? Oh, waiter. . .
Everyone wins
Census nods to new views of ethnicity
Great moms save everything, right?
Where words are weapons
Reality test for 'star wars' defense
One small dive, one giant leap together
How do they do that?
Venice, American-style
Opera for the masses
Corruption and the Asian crisis
A poem soothes the savage toddler
Education's Gears, Pistons
Patent a plant? Americans do, irking shamans
Professional carwashes
At Anytown, teens tackle racism, biases
Filling China's Void
Keeping your crystal sparkling; removing candle-wax stains from carpets
Taking note of democratic bloom in world's quiet corners
Car waxing: Elbow grease yields protective coat