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Monitor Archive for July 21, 1999

That sinking feeling in coal country
To be young, gifted, and a minority
Another victim of Milosevic - the environment
The inside scoop
A note from the managing publisher
When are you coming home?
Next in Yugoslavia
Don't be a drip
Fallout from a quick nomination process
News In Brief
The hole truth
News In Brief
Public broadcasting, Democrats, and 'the lists'
Today's Story Line
Ugly sofa wins pretty prize
Novel attempt to curb prison gang violence
Risks for GOP in major tax cuts
Gushers of wealth, but little trickles down
Fatten redworms on vacuum cleaner dust and last night's pizza boxes
The ignoble abuse of the noble UN
The way we'll live
News In Brief
On US patrol to stem Kosovo chaos
Readers' haiku hits the road
The yin and the yang of economic recovery
Miami emerges as cultural nexus of two continents
Money woes after 'I do'
Bolstering Religious Freedom
Bridal registry goes online
Turning shadow of death into light of morning
News In Brief
The comfort zone
Hemingway's taste for food and adventure