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Monitor Archive for July 15, 1999

Sailing the Western wind
What's a guy like him doing in a city like this?
Making a new reputation for US in Nicaragua
Conversations with a good, smart friend
News In Brief
News In Brief
Moscow eyes Jehovah's Witness literature
Learn how to turn your life into a joke
News In Brief
Building bridges and a better future
Mirror, mirror on the wall, I don't care to see it all
First, Babe Ruth. Now, The Boston Globe.
Teeing off with space-age golf balls
France caught in the bastille of the past
Uprooting revenge
Barak's fast-break diplomacy
Today's Story Line
Why Canucks provide the yuks
What role US will play in a changed Israel
What to wear?
Tax cuts: hype now, money later
Seeds of focus and forgiveness
News In Brief
Making Kosovo safe from thousands of land mines
Alpha grabs attention
What's New
The five ages of the universe
Oversight vs. glitzy investigation
Innocence at home
Flash of brilliance
Taiwan widens 'One China' split
Paper chase proves a test of French culture
Iowa's Flawed Poll
New evidence heats up climate debate
A room with a view - of the earth
Ted Williams: the cherry on top of the All-Star Game
An astrophysicist looks a few trillion years down the road
Jumping down the virtual rabbit hole
A Health-Care Dilemma
A cynical approach to the federal budget
A tall armada regales California
The Pioneer 10 spacecraft