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Monitor Archive for July 13, 1999

'Pro bono' consulting
What to look for in a college consultant
The Election Obsession
The genuflection to campaign polling begins
Opera hits a high note with peanut-butter set
Where the roaring '90s have not reached
She finds it, she names it
For heat relief, India turns to 'desert coolers'
Giving F's is easy -getting to know students first is difficult
A friendly guardian at the gate
News In Brief
News In Brief
Peaceful parades in N. Ireland
News In Brief
The Greatest Show on Earth
Web Smarts
Airing your poetry in public
Crossing the river
If you want to learn more
Islamic clerics combat lawlessness in Somalia
Today's Story Line
Military adjusts to 'don't ask, don't tell'
Getting with the program
Putting 'The Ocalan Opportunity' in perspective
Risks of US retail spending boom
Summer is the big season for bug hunters
News In Brief
Science in the summer: Some easy ideas for the whole family
The dangerous choice to dissent in Serbia
Trying to find the right college? Don't go it alone.
What's New
Piano and guitar are tops
The gospel according to Al Gore
The Meeting
Kashmiris, forgotten in conflict
Forward in Northern Ireland
A consultant who can mediate
In US cities, new battle over billboard 'clutter'
In South, push for lotteries confronts 'Bible belt' values
Seventy-six trombones - and counting