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Monitor Archive for June 16, 1999

Texas' nice guys just may finish first
Japanese children ask, 'Where's otosan?'
If the shoe fits, name it
Moscow's tough act likely to backfire
Banking on the run
Righting wrongs for Gypsies
Kids can 'pick out a phony' a mile away
Russia's Game
Smellin' melons
Curiosity ratchets up the Bush buzz
News In Brief
Something-for-nothing joy
News In Brief
Billion-dollar verdicts revive fairness debate
Today's Story Line
Tattoo Barbie exits stores
To California's delight, wooing begins early
The next tasks in postwar Kosovo
Building a father-daughter bridge - out loud
Revisiting 'maintenance-free' decking, and elaborating on ways to
South Africa, Indonesia - rays of democratic hope
Hey Mom - I'm going for a ride with the cops
News In Brief
Flare-up in Asian blame games
My son hears Kentucky calling
Protecting travelers from acts of 'air rage'
Jennifer Verrill Faddoul's Plum-Strawberry Pie
This old Wright house
Building in, and on, Kosovo
The gardener
Teen speak
Raise your expectations
News In Brief
The Little Prince
Weighing Moscow's gains from Kosovo gambit
Pool Envy
Fruit pies to shame grandma
Downsizing bookstores - 'the marketplace of ideas'