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Monitor Archive for May 6, 1999

Pets, kids, and revolution in nursing homes
All plugged in - now the hard part
Threads of Balkans conflict were twisted long ago
News In Brief
News In Brief
What's New
News In Brief
In the Zone
The sitcom 'Hogan's Heroes'
It's easy, being 'green'
A return to routine, if not to normal
To find, or not to find, anyone in the world
Beauty can't enliven this story of dying
You just might be praying more than you realize
'The strangest project: telling the truth'
America's discomfort over values
A half-island threatens Indonesian unity
The role of Washington in curbing youth violence
Out of the box
Safety along US-Mexico border
NATO's weak flank: public polls
When when when, little hen hen hen?
News In Brief
Have you heard?
China's double-edged message on smoking
Kosovo's holy sites
Today's Story Line
Colorado: divining a child's reality
Anagrams 'R' us: celebrity = rebel city
Pomp and plumage in rural England
Indonesia's explosion of choices
Religion Finds Beijing
Robot butler, a Jeeves for the cyber-age
Hit by havoc, Oklahoma responds
One big reason for bull market: Stocks are more scarce
Toronto's role as a four newspaper town
In a trial, Khmer Rouge leaders could face their own smoking gun
Copying the Bible like a medieval monk
Playing Politics With Kosovo
Back-door diplomacy: where does it lead?
CSM info
Oklahoma City's practiced response to second crisis
Words of note