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Monitor Archive for May 21, 1999

Today's grads as children of plenty
London theater: worth the trip
News In Brief
Pushing Picasso into a digital age
News In Brief
Off to the ballgame - for only $166.84
I tip my hat to the actor who once played me
Reluctant leader of a rambunctious House
The Monitor Movie Guide
Traversing a jungle because it's there
Woman's blessing
The mounting costs of Kosovo stalemate
Today's Story Line
Word's of note
Insight into a magnetic mystery
Connery, Zeta-Jones meet the press
Another shooting, sharper questions
Home, sweet hutch
Protesters in Serbia jockey for a postwar foothold
Early on, Cannes films disappoint
Rockdale County embodies the new South
What's On TV
Generation X-cuse needs a moment of 'uh-oh'
Gardening: one version
Where Israeli vote leaves settlers
Savoring 'Star Wars'
Wandering filmmaker's new love - his native Italy
Democracy in Indonesia dilutes Islam in election
A California governor who sees in shades of gray
'Lesson' poses big questions
Solution to this week's puzzle:
This latest Russian premier inspires few
Dear Sporting Scene:
Taking on guns and indifference
The Crossword
Countering Youth Violence
And this they call intelligence?