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Monitor Archive for April 1, 1999

In California, a softer stance on immigrants?
Here's the future... Your move.
Three calls Clinton ought to make on Kosovo
Past conflicts highlight limits of airstrikes
Beisbol Diplomacy
Crossing swords over learning disabilities
News In Brief
Rather than fume, I bloom
News In Brief
Mama, they shrunk the workday
Today's Story Line:
What exactly is poetry and what makes a good poem?
City utilities: electricity, water, - cable?
US reviews troop options
Fruit-bowl fashion: ill-suited for the office?
Wait, this isn't m-m-m-my generation
Lincoln's fatherly consideration of his citizen soldiers
It's spring, and poetry is in the air
News In Brief
Germany sheds its pacifist role
Words of Note
We begin again in our potato patch
Why Serb chief whips up anti-US fervor
Five women who rejected Japan's doll house
Worldwide ingredients to make a family
Social Security's Key Allies
Journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault
'Fooling With Words'
Artificial intelligence ... and God
News In Brief
The moon at the end of the street
Whistle far and wee
We are not alone - but we are very funny
Reflecting on war