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Monitor Archive for March 25, 1999

Why not just admit it? Duke is already king
Recovery from Vietnam and Watergate
Europe spars over faith
From slavery to journalism that shook up a nation
Bulldozers imperil Arizona plant life
News In Brief
News In Brief
Religious Freedom Commitments
Placebos and health care
Volunteers in service to America
Report card on home schooling in US
A Monitor Guide to Bestsellers
The fairy tale is complicated
Beautiful people
William Shakespeare in love, life, and fiction
Prosecutors' power now on the defense
Today's Story Line
Domino effect of gambling roils New England
True spirit of amateur college athletics
Is this the Serb chief's last stand?
A music teacher's lesson in respect
News In Brief
Kremlin tumult complicates its response to NATO
Business sees a helping hand
The Final Four
Who says a biography has to be huge?
Healing racial rifts: What unifies us?
Book End
Stringing along
Leaders battling their 'creators'
Saving the Salmon, and More
Life stories for the littlest readers
Japan unmothballs military to repel ships
When do stiff penalties for deadbeat parents go to far?
The risk of telling all before it's over
What's New
NATO sets precedent in deciding to violate a border
Fanfare for the uncommon musician
How to know a good picture-book biography
Step Back From Protectionism
The importance of Brazil