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Monitor Archive for March 19, 1999

A Serb and the Kosovo he once knew
The envelope, please...
The Crossword
News In Brief
Going over Jordan and pop culture
News In Brief
News In Brief
In college hoops, little guys dream big
Why nobody here knows where a high school is
In US-Africa relations, attitude is everything
The Monitor Movie Guide
TV's candy-coated grenade
Expanding the boundaries of modern theater
Sermons in crosswords
To pay bills, schools in Europe allow ads
Today's Story Line
The impact of investigating the investigator
What's on TV
The value of multicultural teaching
Backlash builds over police tactics
One turtle, two rescues, and strangers no more
News In Brief
In Egypt, monasteries thrive as travel destinations
From 'Simpsons' to sci-fi
The winners so far
Painted by the current
How guilty verdict could be gain
Learning and Playing
Avant-garde pianist takes jazzy risks with Mahler
This time, controversy isn't behind the scenes
And your Oscars go to ...
ET search reaches home phones (actually, modems)
New trailer fuels force-ful anticipation
Good borders make good neighbors?
Sports 101
Black and white, inverted all over
The Gore-Bradley Tip-Off
Dedicated teenager elected mayor of New York town